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Default Peer-To-Peer News - The Week In Review - November 20th, 21

Since 2002

Volume XX, Issue Number I

November 20th, 2021

Tor Project Sees Decline in Server Numbers, will Offer Rewards for New Bridge Operators
Catalin Cimpanu

The Tor Project said this week that it has seen a drop in the number of Tor relays and bridge servers and is now offering various rewards to users who help bring the number back up.

Rewards include the likes of hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers and are meant to provide some sort of meaningful gift to those who help keep the Tor anonymity network alive and resilient to censorship.

More specifically, the rewards will be provided to those who run Tor “bridges,” which serve as entry points into the Tor network for users located in countries that block access to Tor servers.

“We currently have approximately 1,200 bridges, 900 of which support the obfs4 obfuscation protocol,” said Gustavo Gus, Community Team Lead for the Tor Project.

“Unfortunately, these numbers have been decreasing since the beginning of this year. It’s not enough to have many bridges: eventually, all of them could find themselves in block lists. We therefore need a constant trickle of new bridges that aren’t blocked anywhere yet,” the Tor Project member said.

Tor Project needs 200 Tor bridge relays by the end of the year

“This is where we need your help. The goal of this campaign is to bring more than 200 obfs4 bridges online by the end of this year,” Gus added.

The Tor Project, which has always had difficulties in getting access to vast monetary resources, would be providing some sort of rewards for those who decide to help the project with its effort to keep the Tor network running and resilient to censorship.

Golden Gate bridge (limited to 10 kits)

• Run 10 obfs4 bridges for 1 year.
• Reward kit: 1 Tor hoodie + 2 Tor T-shirt + stickers pack.

Helix bridge (limited to 20 kits)

• Run 5 obfs4 bridges for 1 year.
• Reward kit: 1 Tor T-shirt + stickers pack.

University bridge kit (limited to 10 kits)

• Run 2 obfs4 bridges for 1 year in your university.
• Reward kit: 1 Tor T-shirt + stickers pack.

Rialto bridge (randomly select 10 new bridge operators)

• Run 1 obfs4 bridge for 1 year and you will be part of the ‘reward lottery’.
• We will randomly select 10 new bridge operators to receive a metallic roots Tor t-shirt as a token of our gratitude for your help defending the open internet.

Gus said the promo campaign will run until January 7, 2022.

Technical requirements and other info for those who might be interested in re-activate their Tor bridges or running new ones are available in the Tor Project’s announcement.

Nigerians Get App for File-Sharing Without Mobile Data
Favour Unukaso

A new application that will enable Nigerians to transfer files efficiently and fast, without mobile data, has been unveiled.

The new app, SHAREit Lite, aims to ease the process of near distance peer-to-peer file transfer for Nigerian users.

A study by Data Reportal showed that 92.4 per cent of the total Internet users in Nigeria are from smartphones. This number is forecasted to grow beyond 140 million by 2025, demonstrating the importance of the continued growth of mobile Internet connectivity in the country.

As the digital inter-connectivity of people increases, there is a corresponding uptick in the rate that files such as images; videos, music, movies, comedy shows, and other entertainment content are shared. Conversely, Africa has relatively limited network infrastructure to meet the growing file transfer needs of users despite that digital content transmission plays a vital part in emerging markets.

But to bridge this identifying gap, SHAREit Lite is laced with features that afford users file transfer flexibility and high-speed transmission as well as cross-platform transfer across Android, iOS and Web devices. All file types are speedily shared on the app.

SHAREit Lite is enabling a much lighter file-transmission route for users by condensing its numerous features into an APK-Lite app to maximise the running efficiency, speedy file transfer and ultimately save time.

SHAREit Lite’s condensed solution will take away the pain point of lengthy file-sharing times, enabling high file transfer speed with a smaller easy-to-use app which people can easily download.

Winamp Prepares a Relaunch, New Beta Version Almost Ready
Lawrence Abrams

Winamp is getting closer to release with a redesigned website, logo, and a new beta signup allowing users to soon test the upcoming version of the media player.

Before we streamed our music, users would rip their albums or download MP3s to listen on their computer using media players.

One of the most popular media players to play MP3s was Winamp, with its retro skins and animated visualizers that moved along with the music you were playing. However, Winamp had not seen any further development after its version 5.5 release in 2007.

In October 2018, after Winamp 5.8 was leaked online, the developers decided to publish the leaked version on their website Winamp.com to allow everyone to use it in all its nostalgic glory. Unfortunately, while Radionomy, the owners of Winamp, said they had big plans for Winamp, no further versions have been released since then.

The only new Winamp development we have seen has been by the Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP ) who released Preview version with bug fixes and improvements.

As first reported by Vosveteit, the lack of official development is about to change as the Winamp.com site received a redesign and a new logo was revealed for the media player this week.

Additionally, you can now visit winamp.com and sign up for a Winamp beta test, which should become available soon.

While it is unknown what version will be released for testing and what bugs have been fixed, the Winamp Head of Product development, Jeremy Scheppers, told BleepingComputer that they are excited for the relaunch of the application.

BleepingComputer has contacted Winamp with further questions and will update the article when we receive a reply.

Until next week,

- js.

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