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Peace It's July 4th, your argument is irrelevant

There is a certain power that comes from self-restraint, but there is also a certain freedom in being powerless. So it follows that to self-actualize—that is, to gain complete power over oneself—is to relinquish some of one's freedom. It may also follow that to have complete freedom is to relinquish total control of oneself. Neither option is ideal: both totalitarian and anarchist forms of government are oppressive and/or neglectful in their own ways. The happy medium between those two extremes is the form of government which has done the greatest good for the greatest number of its subjects and/or citizens in the most humane way possible and for the longest time.

Throughout the ages, that happy medium has been a moving target which, in nearly every corner of the globe, eventually settled on feudalism if it ever existed long enough to mature into democratic self-rule. The United States of America had the sole fortune of beginning her existence as a constitutional representative republic with frequent democratic elections (having cast off her pupal form, a loose confederation of recently-emancipated colonies).

That is not to say that she began life as a fully-formed adult. Our nation has not only survived invasion, occupation, insurrection, disunion, civil war, reconstruction, indian wars, foreign wars, world wars, terrorism, enemies both foreign and domestic, riots, gang wars, shootings, and the electoral college, but we have grown from these experiences, grown geographically, economically, scientifically, militarily, and industrially, grown in population, in international respectability, in diplomatic relations, in global peacekeeping ability, and in our resilience to change, especially change for the better.

We've never had it so good, and yet nobody in human history has ever taken their wealth, their power, or their liberty for granted more than we. Never has there been more upward mobility, fewer living in extreme poverty, better representation in government and media, nor greater access to knowledge, healthy living, and peace of mind. But the last three or four generations have no memory of want, no true comprehension of scarcity, and no perspective on their own extravagant standards of living. We scoff at a $30K annual income as falling short of a "living wage" not considering that 99% of the world gets by on less than $30K a year. In other words, if you have a minimum-wage job in the United States, you are the 1%.

So it's hard to take seriously the never-ending complaints of microaggressions, cultural appropriation, triggering, shaming, and failure to disavow on command from people who think that having to show I.D. to vote isn't how every other democracy in the world runs their elections. I've been ashamed of sore losers on both sides of the last few presidential elections, but I've never watched as so many of my fellow Americans have lost their collective grip on reality. I'm no fan of the president, but we've survived worse and come out better for it. The nation can withstand one buffoon running the show for 8 years, we've proven that many, many times.

Happy Independence Day!

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