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Default A Shitload of porn


I'm not kidding.

I've got boxes and poxes of gay and straight porn videos and magazines from when my roommate moved to Nevada. He was a gay porn editor. So most of it has that "Promotional only" sticker on the front of the box/mag.

I thought I could sell it but I've checked on ebay and porn sells for jack over shit and ebay charges sellers so it seemed like more bother then it was worth. Selling direct to video stores I think might be a problem because of the promotional stickers... plus I'd rather cut off my own balls then walk into a porn shop and try to sell stuff...

Anyone interested in trading/reselling should pm and I'll post a list of everything I have. If there's the slightest interest in fact I'll post a list. It just seems strange to post a list of porno titles as like the third thread here; hehe.

But again, I'm serious. I'd gladly trade this stuff for computer parts or something to anyone that thinks they can figure out a way to make $$ off it. I mean, there's gotta be a way to sell boxes and boxes of porn, right? hehe.
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