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Old 26-08-06, 02:31 PM   #1
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Join Date: May 2001
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OMG Open Any Lock - Low Tech But Frighteningly Effective

it's the end of locks as we know them

it's called keybumping. take a key. any style key. shorten it, take a bit off the shoulder, file the teeth a little deeper, slide it into any lock it fits (just 10 different styles fit 90% of all locks), tap it a few times with a screwdriver handle and presto, the lock turns as if the key was made for it. you're in with no trace of forced entry.

here's a report from german tv.

the technique's been known for years, but it's gotten very hot recently. time to take it seriously.

if the key filers hit you, good luck filing an insurance claim.

ladies and gentlemen, start yout pitbulls.

- js.
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Old 26-08-06, 04:24 PM   #2
yea, it's me.
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Whoa - that is SO not cool.

time for those keypad thing-a-ma-jigs as a standard?

better yet, dig a huge hole, fortify it, line with concrete, throw in all your valueables, THEN build your pitbull pen on top of that.
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Old 26-08-06, 11:11 PM   #3
Just Draggin' Along
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For higher security, use Medeco locks.

They are more expensive, but greatly enhance security.

Medeco locks can not be picked, and hardware stores, etc. can not make duplicate keys.

To get duplicate keys made, you have to go to a locksmith shop.
Copyright means the copy of the CD/DVD burned with no errors.

I will never spend a another dime on content that I canít use the way I please. If I canít copy it to my hard drive and play it using the devices I want, when and where I want, I wonít be buying it. Period. They can all take their DRM, broadcast flags, rootkits, and Compact Discs that arenít really compact discs and shove them up their bottom-lines.

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Old 27-08-06, 07:38 AM   #4
flippin 'em off
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There've been lockpicking guns around for years that do that sort of thing.

It's suspicious that they mostly hold the lock in their hands for their little trick instead of having it installed so it's more vibration resistant.
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