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Old 09-06-06, 08:37 PM   #1
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Default Fried Gatsos

what's that you say? never heard of it? well well, you would if you lived in great britain. as a matter of fact, you might even call it your favorite dish.

it is the ubiquitous autoroute camera that has sprung up nearly everywhere, dispensing tickets and keeping a paternal eye on those naughty brits.

but some people haven't quite gotten the message that all these cameras and all this watching is good for them. these camera hooligans have even taken to torching the boxes that house the sleepless safety eyes, making poor neighborhood souls worry that no one's watching over them anymore!

never fear, you're always being watched. this is england! authorities make sure they pop right back up again, good as new.

This is another burnt out Gatso in West Yorkshire. The damage is extensive: the glass has shattered in the windows, the metal has buckled on the roof and so have the sides of the window containing the flash. To top it all off there is a sticker saying Free Country.
free country? FREE COUNTRY!? the unmitigated gall!

god save the queen.

- js.
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They say it would be wine and roses
If England were for Englishmen again...
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