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Old 26-10-07, 02:19 PM   #21
Dawn's private genie
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Some might find Usenet useful for music, but not really a replacement for Oink.
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Old 26-10-07, 10:21 PM   #22
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i have those early steve miller apes (from oink) and they're excellent.

- js.
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Old 27-10-07, 04:21 AM   #23
even the losers
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this guy gets it

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Old 27-10-07, 05:13 AM   #24
My eyes are now open.
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Originally Posted by daddydirt View Post
Long read,but just about covers all the bases.
Beer is for life not just Christmas
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Old 27-10-07, 08:22 PM   #25
Thanks for being with arse
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great article!

For those of you wondering what's going on now that OiNK has gone off the map, oink2.no-ip.org is a good start. It's not quite right about the genesis of #wafflehat, though. I know this because, somehow, I've found myself a part of it. Wafflehat started out as a well-intentioned but outrageously feckless stab at getting some kind of replacement tracker going, but the logistics of having someone actually put their identity on the line to purchase a domain name held us up. There was no "letting go of devs" that I know of, but rather the realization in #wafflehat that while we had been busily making up funny names, some better-organized folk who knew some Swedish people had gotten the fuck on with things, and secured hosting in the land of The Pirate Bay, which is definitely a step in the right direction. I'd have loved to step up and help out more substantially if I currently had the time for the extra work or the stomach for legal hassles, especially ones that could have untoward effects on LinkSwarm.

I swarmed "What to use instead of OiNK" a couple hours ago and just noticed it quietly blowing up, which made me realize some of you may be interested in the crap I've been putting into my head over the past couple days, and spawned this thread.

http://tehpaine.blogspot.com/ is kind of info-central for all this crap, and is where I go for updates apart from IRC, which is getting annoying, cause it's like 6 different channels across 3 different networks, and all the really good stuff is happening in an invite-only channel anyway.

The wafflehat name was coined in a public channel, so it got around a bit and has cross-pollinated (which I find sort of disappointing, as I'm sure we could have come up with something 100% awesome) and explains why http://oink.cd/ looks as it does.

BOiNK is something Pirate Bay is doing to snub law enforcement. I'm not sure what the deal is, except that it's going to be a public tracker, probably OiNK-themed to some extent, possibly ratio-less, without actually being OiNK2 or officially sanctioned by anybody anywhere. I'm not particularly interested in this myself (OiNK had a pretty unique shape to me, and public and ratioless weren't in it) though I'm happy to see TPB get involved.

i beat the internet
- the end boss is hard
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Old 31-10-07, 07:52 PM   #26
my name is Ranking Fullstop
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how 'bout them waffles?
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Old 31-10-07, 09:17 PM   #27
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long wait for an invite.
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