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Default Ronald Reagan Reaches Out From The Grave?

If one of these Stingers brought down that US helicopter yesterday, it'd be a major tribute to Taliban icon and hero Ronald Reagan. They're supposedly ready to go when their batteries are recharged or replaced.

"Taliban still have Reagan's Stingers --Estimate: Taliban have 50 Stingers 26 Sep 2001 One of the most dangerous weapons Western pilots could face in Afghanistan is an anti-aircraft missile provided by the United States during the Reagan presidency. Some 1,000 Stingers were supplied to the mujahideen from 1986 onwards after Ronald Reagan overcame CIA objections that they were too dangerous to be given to the rebels. MI6 used SAS troops to train the Afghans in the use of the missiles. It is not known how many Stingers were used in Afghanistan. Some of the 1,000 have turned up as far afield as Iran and Sri Lanka.

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