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OK, In one fairly nasty scenario I could see is a few warheads go missing from the Pakistan nuclear arsenal .. and end up in Iran. I doesn't need to be anything that extreme for a country to be a factor though.. China with it's Olympic success might decide to play a more of 'world police' role now in this proposed next stage of the Neocon agenda and back some of the Islamic countries it has interests in. It is easy to see it is now emerging as the world's top superpower. There's quite a few factors as to why bloodsuckers like Cheney are demanding that the already heavily burdened US military put into action plans to back Israel when they attack Iran and to do it before the Republicans leave the White house ... Last time I heard,apart from a few the entire current US congress seems to be favor of this madness. So the fact that Pakistan has now become a bit of a wildcard could help a factor a decision to go in now before they could become an Iranian ally .... if you think it is impossible that could ever happen , think again ,because the politics in that area has always been fairly unpredictable.

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