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Originally Posted by JackSpratts View Post
and one's presidents.
Wow It's amazing the bullshit you desperate liberals come up with to deter the reality that your chosen one has spent 4 years on vacation and become the worst damn president since Jimmy Carter.

So the statute of limitations has expired on blaming Bush and now you need someone else to blame. Absolutely pathetic. OMG Reagan gave stingers to Afghan rebels because they were being slaughtered by the damn Russians and their HIND Helicopters, and now Reagan was in bed with the Taliban.

Damn Jack I don't know whether to laugh or cry at your sad existance. Your political views are quite obviously your way of skirting the fact your one and only claim to fame is spending your entire existance posting long, boring, completely useless p2p posts on a forum that doesn't even exist. Do you not look at the numbers? No one gives a flying f**k about p2p, you or this forum. This place has more smilies than members. There's more days in the week than people that actually post here.

Jeez Jack when was the last time you had an orgasm that didn't require a sock and your hand? Reagans Presidency? No wonder you have no family. If there was a God he would have had Irene put you out of your mediocre existance. Everytime I waste my time to come here I hope that maybe just maybe this site is on it's way back to the cool place it was. Instead I find you and the 4 other lifeless members blaming the world for their own miserable existance and continuing to drag this forum into inevitable oblivion.

Gotta admire Gaz's dedication to this place. Its kinda like that loved one that's been on life support for 10 years, withered away to skin and bones and you just can't bring yourself to finally pull the plug and LET THEM DIE!!!!!!!!!

I'd tell ya to get a life but that ship has long since sailed.

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