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Originally Posted by albed View Post
The government might have to make them wear a special patch or something so they can be identified.
stop being so paranoid grasshopper. internal aig fud memos notwithstanding, such uncouth behavior bespeaks poor breeding and is rarely tolerated in the rarified air of the fairfield county exurbs, where even my befuddled conservative neighbors are tentatively taking to the streets.

during one protest outside the homes of several top aig executives, activists were not only unfailingly civil, they were planning on thanking the bastards:

“It was never the intent to have any sort of mob action,” said Jon Green, the director of the Connecticut Working Families Party.

Mr. Dziubek said that if either Mr. Poling or Mr. Haas had come to the door, he would have thanked them, not berated them. Mr. Poling, who received the largest single bonus check, for $6.4 million, said he was returning it, according to an A.I.G. spokesman. Mr. Haas told a reporter in his driveway on Thursday that he had rescinded his retention contract.

“It has been reported that you intend to return your bonus,” the letter left at both men’s homes read. “This is a good start, and we applaud this step. Most of us will never know what it feels like to turn down millions of dollars.”
but wait, it gets better:

The letters also contained an invitation, suggesting to the executives that they come visit the advocates in their neighborhoods.
hitler and the jews? as if. adolf would be rolling over in his grave.

- js.
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