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Originally Posted by zombywoof View Post
The stimulus makes if you work in government or the public sector because the money will stimulate government growth and government jobs. It won't stimulate growth for those who don't work in government. It'll do little to stimulate the economy as far as getting people to spend because jobs are still going away.
au contraire, mon frer........when my state starts work on newly-funded infrastructure projects, that creates all kinds of work for local construction companies, architects, supply companies, realtors, engineers etc ect etc - because a lot of this stuff gets contracted and subcontracted out to the private sector. when my city hires 20 new cops because they just got a million in stimulus funding, a lot of that million will ripple through the local economy as 20 new cops go out and spend thier paychecks. of course, whether it will be sufficient stimulus is another matter entirely. your actual mileage may vary
At the same time, corporate greed at the top has damaged numerous corporations over the years and while they got their golden parachutes and bail out of their company the workers are left with shrinking pensions and job losses.
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