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When it comes to voting, the Republicans only have one talking point: ACORN

Acorn registers voters. Sometimes the registrars have targets or 'quotas' to fill to show they are making the effort. Sometimes those registering new voters are either lazy, greedy, or a combo of the two. They have been caught submitting erroneous registrations, multiple registrations, even sitting in a library making shit up. That is all wrong, sure enough, and sometimes fraud, but it means little/nothing to the election. To actually vote you have to prove who you are, so unless someone shows up saying they are 'Mickey Mouse', and can prove it, they ain't votin'.

But the Republicans love this stuff and can really get their teeth into it, especially if it drives their voter suppression efforts, and it certainly play to that meme. They LOVE to try to link Obama directly with Acorn and to demonetize him and the Democratic party for any involvement with the group.

Involvement with Acorn is, in their view, un-American.

Okay then, fair is fair I suppose, even when it isn't, so have at this bastard openly supporting Acorn and other commie groups like Unite Here, SEIU, and PAW no less!

McCain '08!


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