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Originally Posted by –iego View Post
It is true. The Republicans are doing many things to disenfranchise voters, going so far as to send out absentee voter ballots with the wrong address on them, challenging anyone with the slightest difference in detail at the voting station, removing voters by sending out Do Not Forward - Return To Sender notices and removing people who have lost their homes due to foreclosure. It's called voter caging. They know every trick in the book.

To a Republican, voting is like going to college or getting a good job: only for them and theirs.

U are officially now full of SHIT.

Do you even have the faintest idea how lame U sound?

I'd like you to prove in a court of law 10% of what you sprew.

U are turning into a bigger blowhard daily.

Why not run for alderman/lepercan in Ire ....

Hahahahahahahaa U dillweed.
May your tote always stay tight and your edge eversharp :wink:
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