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All I can say is that you're both double-talking hypocrites

From KOS:

When she was a member of the AIP in the 1990s, its motto was "Alaska First, Alaska Always." As her campaign slogan in 2006 for governor, Palin chose "Alaska First." And as user pawlr points out, this "Alaska first" mentality appears to shade even her national candidacy:

"I am ... I am up to the task, of course, of focusing on the challenges that face America," she answered, and that was all she could say on her behalf on this question. Then she abruptly shifted to how her candidacy would help Alaska. "And I am very pleased with the situation that I am in, when, when you consider the situation now that Alaska will be in.

"And that is Alaska, and Alaskans will be allowed to contribute more to our great country and they'll be allowed to do that because I -- if we're elected -- will be in a position of opening the eyes of the country to what it is that Alaska is all about and what Alaska has to offer. So, I am happy to and very honored to be asked to do this. I know it's going to be great for Alaska."
Is she running for Vice President..of Alaska??


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