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hey .. I never said he was 'evil'
That is you.. :P
deep down in your psyche you must see something deranged about him.

I just called him a bloodsucker which you can apply to most politicians ..some do it with a smile, he does it with a snarl. Nope. Nothing wrong with ol' Dick, pure as the driven snow.

YES I guess I am calling them ,mad,nuts,kooky and brain fried plum loco
Risking an attack on nuclear facilities that no one has any real proof of being used to create warheads, the Iranian government maintain it is for power generation and medical research. This is 'wanting to prevent a nuclear war ' ?

if I am the crazy one for thinking an action like this will create a nuclear conflict with consequences for everyone for years into the future ,so be it.. that sort of sanity I can live without

i beat the internet
- the end boss is hard
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