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Originally Posted by Mazer View Post
I watch all those channels too. They are pretty good, especially Jordan Peterson and Louder with Crowder. Interesting that you credit them with turning you Alt-Right since none of them are Alt-Right themselves (PJW comes the closest but he's still not there). Near as I can tell, they're mostly just mainstream conservatives and some of them have libertarian leanings. None of them were Trump supporters in the early days of the primary elections—they changed their endorsements after he clinched the nomination, of course. As entertainers, they make bombastic claims sometimes but that doesn't make them Alt-Right either.

I smell a fed...
all these conservative base EVERYTRHING they say in lies and get rich of people so stupid you can lie in their face and they believe it. like yesterday, crowder spent a bunch of time ranting about covid and how overblown it is because it has a 0.03% mortality rate. its good propaganda to get his idiot fans riled up but those of us that arent crippled by a moron brain can do the math and understand that 150,000 people out of 5 million cases is 3%, not 0.03%. crowder is just lying and he can do it because his fans are actually that stupid they wont notice he is off my a factor of 100 times.

i watch crowder cause he is a comedian and i laugh at him. people that watch crowder as a source for news or information are dipshit.
who is this guy and where did he come from?
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