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Originally Posted by Mazer View Post
More competence in government would be great, but if the 111th congress manages to bring its approval rating above 25% I'll be very surprised. The government is the biggest it has ever been, and that's one thing I think the new regime intends not to change.

What people want is a government that compliments our hard work, not one that supplements it. We're going to see if the Democrats received that message or if they're going to pursue the same agenda that lost them their majority in 1994. Their party may have the bigger tent, but it's only a tent in the figurative sense; it's not a shelter against the storm. No, we have to provide for ourselves and for each other. We need to work hard, get educated, save our money, and pay our debts (and a few platitudes from Obama to that effect would do wonders for the economy, despite the disappointment it would cause his proselytes). The government can and should assist, but it can't and shouldn't try do what we can do for ourselves, not while funding a deployed military force and paying down its own debt.

I really have nothing else to add on this subject, and don't think I could say it any better anyway....

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