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Originally Posted by Nicobie View Post
The real question is how many seats will the bureacraps pick up in the House and Senate. As they already are responsible for the shape our country is in, I wonder if the electorate even noticed.

That was the more important issue in this election. As expected, voters rewarded the Democrats for driving congress' approval rating to an all-time low by expanding their majority. Change (oh yes, there will be change) will be driven by the most radical left-wingers in congress, not by the supposedly centrist president Obama. Only time will tell if Obama turns out to be a gutless rubber stamp yes-man or a leader, but my guess is we won't see Obama the leader until near the end of his first term. By then the Dems will have shown their true colors, and the new Republican majority in the 112th senate will prove that the kind of change the Dems want isn't what the people want. When either party has such a monopoly on the government they can't help but make things worse.

Lord, protect president Obama. Only you know how bad it would be if Biden should become president.
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