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the USA elected president chump because we wanted what he was promising.

he promised he was going to drain the swamp, we didnt know he was going to do it by jumping into the swamp and splashing it everywhere till its spread over the entire country.

he promised he was going to bring our troops home, we didnt know he was going to deploy more troops and engage in more bombing and drone strikes than any previous president.

he promised he was going to reduce the federal debt, we didnt know he was actually going to accelerate the rate at which we accumulate debt.

he promised stronger borders, we didnt know he was actually going to deport fewer immigrants than his predecessor.

he narrowly won in 2016 because we didnt know the truth. unfortunately, despite the truth being out there, readily available, most people STILL dont know this stuff and there is a chance trump can get re-elected just based on the divisive hate he extols. he has managed to create such a polarized social climate that many people believe they have to be on one side or the other.

we may be proving the phrase 'never underestimate stupid people in large groups' right now but i have confidence the USA can come back from this and once again represent the most diverse and accepting place on earth. this is just a bit of a growing pain
who is this guy and where did he come from?
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