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Default Let's Start Being Napsterites Again

I know that there are a few members who are still here keeping this place alive, and once in a while some past members of the Napsterites forum stop by to see what is happening here. Regrettably, not much has happened for a while.

I think it's time for us to work together. I ask that visiting members work with me to kick-start the Napsterites forum again. We had something good times here but most of us left for whatever reasons. I now realize I left something behind when I left; maybe some others feel that way too.

If our members could start making daily visits here and post new threads we can work together to relaunch this forum and build up our community again. Tell other members that you may still have contact with about this. Also, check that your email address is still current, as a discontinued one may not allow you to post.

All the boards have been closed to stop spammers, JackSpratts has told me, but members can still post here. If you can't post for any reason, contact me on
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