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theknife 02-11-08 08:41 AM

Election Predictions
ok, folks, make your call for Tuesday. keeping in mind that i'm usually wrong about these things, here's mine:

Obama: 311 EV's
McCain: 227 EV's

multi 02-11-08 10:08 AM

That is probably what it should be...

I get the impression that it will be much different.
probably closer to the outcome of the last election(s).

All I can say is I hope you are right.

vernarial 02-11-08 10:39 AM

I have a friendly wager with a couple of friends. I took Obama, even though I'm not voting for him.

theknife 02-11-08 05:12 PM

i understand that if Obama wins, Albed will be immediately sent to Guantanamo.

vernarial 02-11-08 06:06 PM

Now wouldn't that be some poetic justice. Or is it ironic. Either way it would make me smile. I still wouldn't want him to be tortured, or have his civil rights violated.

Nicobie 02-11-08 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by theknife (Post 263611)
i understand that if Obama wins, Albed will be immediately sent to Guantanamo.

hey TK U seem to be turning GOP :ghug: :ghug: :ghug: :ghug: :ghug:

JackSpratts 02-11-08 08:29 PM

albed's no rocket scientist but he can read the writing on the wall. he left for agentina weeks ago.

multi 03-11-08 05:48 AM

LOL isn't that a disease?

This article is 5 pages but truly worth the read.



Americans used to vote with their voices—viva voce—or with their hands or with their feet. Yea or nay. Raise your hand. All in favor of Jones, stand on this side of the town common; if you support Smith, line up over there. In the colonies, as in the mother country, casting a vote rarely required paper and pen. The word “ballot” comes from the Italian ballotta, or little ball, and a ballot often was a ball, or at least something ballish, like a pea or a pebble, or, not uncommonly, a bullet. Colonial Pennsylvanians commonly voted by tossing beans into a hat. Paper voting wasn’t meant to conceal anyone’s vote; it was just easier than counting beans. Our forebears considered casting a “secret ballot” cowardly, underhanded, and despicable; as one South Carolinian put it, voting secretly would “destroy that noble generous openness that is characteristick of an Englishman.”

–iego 03-11-08 11:32 AM

tbh, I'd love it if Obama would send Bush, Cheeny and Rove (as well as a few others) to Gitmo for a nice vacation of waterboarding and sleep deprivation.

That'd be real nice of him don't you think? :BL:

– :S:

theknife 03-11-08 01:16 PM

put yer money where your mouth is
c'mon folks...crawl out on that limb and make the call: who's gonna win and what will be the final EV tally?

–iego 03-11-08 01:30 PM

GObama 340!

– :S:

floydian slip 03-11-08 04:39 PM

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JackSpratts 03-11-08 05:07 PM

that's great floyd. :AP:

napho 03-11-08 05:16 PM

I don't think it's my imagination when I say that the electoral college system has to favour the Republicans, who do well in places like Montana and Idaho. Unless they changed the system recently. Combine the disproportional electoral college with the black/Moslem name doubt; when push comes to shove in the voting booth, I think even a big lead in the polls for Obama means little.

–iego 03-11-08 05:44 PM

lol Rove just came out calling it for Obama with 338 :BL:

I'm feeling pretty sick, being of a like mind with a bastard like Rove :o

– :S:

Nicobie 03-11-08 06:55 PM

The real question is how many seats will the bureacraps pick up in the House and Senate. As they already are responsible for the shape our country is in, I wonder if the electorate even noticed.


JackSpratts 05-11-08 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by –iego (Post 263630)
lol Rove just came out calling it for Obama with 338 :BL:

well isn't he the smartypants.

–iego 05-11-08 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by –iego

GObama 340!


– :S:

JackSpratts 05-11-08 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by –iego (Post 263642)

– :S:

yes, but you're intelligent. that's an unfair advantage against a republican.

–iego 05-11-08 11:57 AM

Touchť ;) :BL:

– :S:

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