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Šiego 24-10-08 07:05 AM

you ARE Joe the Plumber!
Or rather, you CAN be..


Our Price: $49.99
Product Code: JOE_P

Please choose a size
Standard: X-Large


'JOE THE PLUMBER' costume includes jumpsuit, plunger, bald cap, name tag holder and best of all....four interchangeable name tags to swap out on the fly depending on who you're debating with at the party! The good, the bad and the ugly...ONLY AT RICKY'S BABY!


Limited supply, so you REAL, pro-American, Americans get in early on this!!!!!!!111two

Nicobie 24-10-08 06:18 PM

Heshe diego (with a -)

I bet you would enjoy making his income. Unfortunately, you would have to work very hard for it.

Not counting what U get for free from the govmt, do you make an income over 5 figures like he does? If you worked U might.

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